The Product

Dyebrick Approved Contractor

Colourite are proud to be an approved contractor for Dyebrick Brick Tinting Products. Dyebrick tints are specially designed to stain the brickwork and should not be confused with proprietary masonry paints and coatings which are prone to peeling and require regular maintenance.

Dyebrick produce special commercial products under the 'Stainbrick' name specifically for brick tinting operations.



We have been tinting bricks and mortar since 1976 and all our work is guaranteed for the life of the building.

Our tinting products have been independently tested.

Comprehensive accelerated weathering trials were carried out by one of the main mortar and concrete suppliers back in 1985.

Colourite Test Data - 1985

Dyebrick products, which we use on a regular basis, have been widely used on terracotta products for decades, here is an independent test report carried out in 2006

Dyebrick Freeze-Thaw Test Report

You can also see projects that have been performing well for decades on this page of the Dyebrick website.